We are closed until further notice.
Thank you very much for all the good times and looking forward to more good times with family & friends.

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Welcome to Honey Camp Ranch, where you can experience Belize like never before.

Enjoy the entire 9 acres all to yourself -
and we will do all the cooking.

The name "Honey Camp" comes from pirate folklore. Pirates were rumored to hide gold here and neighboring Doubloon Bank Lagoon. While we haven't heard of any evidence of pirates, much has been found that suggests Maya had occupied the lake for over 500 years. Now the lake serves as a picnic spot for locals and a private vacation spot for you.

Honey Camp Lagoon

Wake up to a cacophony of birds, and let the sunset draw you into a peaceful slumber. Enjoy the natural beauty of Honey Camp Lagoon and the surrounding bush, visit the friendly community of Orange Walk, or take a trek to revel in some Mayan ruins.

However you choose to spend your vacation, know you'll be well cared for at Honey Camp Ranch.

Unplug, Relax, Reset.

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Frequently Asked Questions