Frequently Asked Questions

Abbreviations on this page:
BZE = Belize International Airport
OWT = Orange Walk Town
HCR = Honey Camp Ranch

Who-What-Where is Honey Camp Ranch?
See our About page.

What dates do you have available?
We are PERMANENTLY CLOSED. We left this page and site up for our friends and family to help prepare for their visits.

Why did you close?
It was simply too much work to make the magic happen all the time. Now we have more time for family and friends.
When is the best time to visit?
November thru March is our favorite time of year in BZ.

How do I get there?
There are many ways to get to HCR.
• High flyer: Fly into BZE airport, then fly on Topic Air to the Tower Hill (ORZ) airport. We will pick you up for free or Melo's Auto Rental can deliver a rental car to the airport for you.
• High roller: Fly into BZE airport, rent a car, drive to HCR.
• Thrifty: Fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN), rent a car, drive to HCR. This option can save you quite a bit. Airfare and car rentals are much cheaper in Cancun - but you will lose a day traveling.
• On a budget and short on time: Fly into BZE airport and catch a bus to OWT - We pick you up for free in OWT.
• Penny pincher: Fly into Cancun, take the overnight ADO bus to OWT. We pick you up for free in OWT.

If you take the bus from Belize International Airport (BZE) to Honey Camp Ranch (HCR) please take note:
1) You can grab a cab from the airport to the nearest bus stop on the highway (about 1 mile) for under $10. Agree on the price before you get in the cab. WARNING: Many cab drivers will insist on driving you all the way into Belize City to the bus terminal just to increase their cab fare. Do not fall for this scam. It is only a little over 1 mile to the nearest bus stop at the end of the airport road. You do not need to go all the way to the bus station.
2) Get on the first bus you see heading northbound. Buses in Belize are very inexpensive and run often on the weekdays. From the highway near the BZE to OWT is only about 3 bucks!
3) We pick you up at the bus station in OWT for free.

Find more info on Belize buses here:

Land Rover Defender

How long does it take to get there?
The flight takes under 3 hours from Texas or Florida. From BZE airport it is a one hour drive. From OWT it takes about 20 minutes.

Why the 4 night minimum stay?
We take great time preparing for each guest. Travelers booking their Belize trips on a tight schedule can easily get caught up in the tourist train. They miss out on the connections with people and nature that only seems to appear when you take the time to experience it. Staying at least 4 nights provides just enough time to take a day trip or two, to discover a pleasant peace in nature, and to connect with some amazing Belizeans during a real home stay.

What about the water?
We have good drinking water available at all times for guest for free.

What's the weather like?
November thru March, Awesome.
April and May, dry'n'hot.
June thru October is hurricane season, it could get wet and exciting.
You can check the weather here:
Orange Walk Town is the closest weather station to us (9 miles away). We are a little cooler out here on the water at Honey Camp Lagoon.

When to go?
November thru March is the best time to go.
June thru October is Hurricane Season in the Caribbean - it's kinda wet - but that doesn't stop most people.

What is the cost to use the bikes or canoe?

What else is there to do at HCR and the area?
Lots, see our Activities page.

How far are you from the cays, ocean, scuba diving?
Too far for a day trip unless you fly Topic Air to/from the Tower Hill (ORZ) airport that is just about 10 miles from us. Many of our guest stay a few nights out on the islands (cays), then come get away to enjoy the tranquillity of Honey Camp Lagoon. We often hear some shock of the contrast between the cays and the lagoon experience. Honey Camp and the cays are two totally different worlds. If you heart is set on white sand, crystal blue water, snorkeling/diving, and you like to hanging out with other tourist and watching money fly out of your pocket - the cays are for you. If you enjoy a more unique 'off the path' cultural and heart touching experience, private, away from tourist, with more parrots than humans, and the feeling of what life would be living as a expat with some close Belizean friends - then Honey Camp Lagoon is for you!

What is the lay-out of Honey Camp Ranch?
You can view a map of the property HERE.

Check out our groovy reviews on AirBnB and Trip Advisor.

Will my cell phone work at Honey Camp?
Check with your cell phone provider. Most require very expensive additional fees for international roaming and data services. Text messaging is usually much cheaper and more reliable. The best and cheapest way to call out of the country would be to install Skype on your phone or laptop and use Skype over any WiFi while in Belize.

Can I access the Internet?
YES! We have a small WiFi area where you can send and receive email and other low data communications. The signal is a bit weak but works - We are on the far edge of the coverage area but we are able to do some Skype calls and our own vpn remote desktop for remote working.

Is there electricity?
No, but don't be afraid - it's a wonderful feeling to un-plug! With no power service at Honey Camp Lagoon you will enjoy the star filled sky and only the sounds of wind, water, birds or Luciano cooking in the kitchen. You're welcome to charge any electronics in the 12volt jack of the Land Rover or our solar power station. Your standard US plugs and voltage will work just fine. At night, lanterns are available, but do bring a flashlight.

Is there hot water?
Yes. We have hot water and all our water comes from our own safe 42' deep well.

Ruff Puppy

Do you have dogs? Are pets allowed?
Yes. We have 1 dog, Sandfly has a couple, another neighbor has a few - when we start cooking it becomes "El Rancho Del Perro" near the kitchen. They are all friendly and adorable little muts - locals call Belize muts "pot lickers!"

What should I wear?
Wear clothes that breathe, and bring a long sleeved shirt for those chilly evenings and jungle hikes. It's easy to get sun stroke if you're not careful. Consider a hat. If you plan to hike or visit the ruins, bring proper shoes and lightweight pants. And, don't forget your swimsuit!

Is it safe to swim in the lagoon?
The water is wonderful and we feel safe swimming in the lagoon, but there is no lifeguard on duty so do swim at your own risk. Only 9 miles from Orange Walk Town, this freshwater lagoon is the locals favorite spot for families to come swim and have a weekend picnic.

Do you have mosquito nets?
We don't use mosquito nets. The cabana is mosquito tight! Honey Camp generally has less mosquitoes than many places in Belize. The only mosquitoes that get in the cabana are the ones that follow you through the door. The speed and the amount of times you go in and out of the cabana at dusk and dark will directly effect how many mosquitoes get in. Plus, it gets hot inside those nets!

Anything in particular I should bring?
Flashlight - bring one per person.
Sun protection - a hat and long sleeve clothes that breath.
Binoculars - if you like bird watching.
Insect repellent - try lemon eucalyptus spray.

Should I reserve dates for tours of ruins or other excursions?
We feel more confident in the value and service you would likely receive if arranging this after you arrive. We encourage all our guests to take this opportunity to take a few steps back, to relax and to let Belize take care of you. The locals are exceptionally friendly and very protective over their guests. They will make sure you have what you need when you need it. Once you are at Honey Camp Ranch, Sandfly can help you with anything you want to do - he knows everybody!

Do I need to get any shots?
If you're traveling from the United States, it's not a requirement to get vaccinated before entering Belize. It's a good idea to research vaccinations further if you think you will be at risk.

What type of travel documents will I need?
You will need a passport. To learn more about obtaining a passport, visit You will complete a free 30 day tourist visa on the plane and will turn it in upon arrival. If your insurance provider covers you abroad, take a copy of your card. Carry your US drivers license to drive legally in Belize.

What's the language of Belize?
Belize's official language is English, although many people speak either English, Spanish, Kriol, Mayan, Garifuna, German Plautdietsch or even Chinese depending on the situation and the person.

What's the currency of Belize?
Belize uses Belizean currency. 1 US dollar equals 2 Belizean dollars. At most stores and the Airport, you can use the newest issue of US currency and will receive your change in Belizean. ATMs are available, and some places accept credit cards. We can swing you by an ATM when we pick you up or drop you off.

More questions?
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Thanks for reading our FAQ's. Please feel free to contact us for any other questions.